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 How to select your first pipe


1.      You must enjoy the look and feel of the pipe

All other considerations pale in comparison to this one. It will not matter if you have purchased a mechanically flawless pipe at an insanely good price, if, in a few weeks or months, you find that you do not smoke it any longer because it is not your style. It doesn't matter if a pipe is crafted by a big-name carver or a well-known factory if it does not appeal to you, then it is not a good candidate for purchase.


2.      Big or small pipe?

In this case, it depends on your personal taste. Normally Thai people prefer small pipe but it still depends on their lifestyle and how long they want to spend the time with their pipes.


3.      Financial Considerations

You must be able to afford the pipe. The most basic financial rule of pipe purchasing, and of almost any other purchase, is this: "Buy the absolute best you can afford." You can't go wrong by buying quality. You should strive to get the greatest value for your money., The reason this is the final consideration is that pipes are not cheap or expensive, they are either good smokers, or bad smokers, and without careful consideration of the aesthetics and mechanics, a cheap pipe and an expensive pipe are equally likely to be a good smoker, or a bad one.


4.      Choose the right filter

There are different types of pipe filters in use today. They come in three basic forms- pass-through filters with a filter element inside, absorptive filters and condensers. 9mm filter which has charcoal inside will give you a cool dry smoke, but you have to change the new one after 1-4 bowls.  Same as the balsa filter 6mm (absorptive filters).  In both cases the units are effective for soaking up water from the smokestream, but little of the actual smoke is removed, and the result is a drier experience which may also help to keep the smoke cool by taking steam out of the flow. Metal filter these inserts in the stems Its express purpose is to disrupt airflow. You don’t have to buy the new metal filter because you can clean it and insert back to the mouthpiece, but this kind of filter cannot absorb the tar or nicotine, resulting in a noisy, wet smoke.

"I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs."

Albert Einstein, 1950