Café Crème

Café Crème is STG's most international brand. It is a small cigar which is sold in 115 countries and is the most well-known and best selling brand in the category in the world. Café Crème is also a market leader in countries such as France and the UK.


The Core range:
Café Crème (the original)
Café Crème Filter Tip
Café Crème Blue


The Aromatic range:
Café Crème Arôme
Café Crème Filter Arôme
Café Crème Italian Macchiato
Café Crème French Vanilla

Henri Wintermans Founder's Blend

Henri Wintermans origins from 1904 when Henri Wintermans first started his production in the Netherlands.

Henri Wintermans is a brand that covers all sizes of cigars - from miniatures to the really big cigars. The brand is sold in more than 50 countries.

Handelsgold – the traditional cigar

Handelsgold is not only one of the most well-known cigarillo and cigar brands in Germany, but as an icon of the German economic boom years it also stands for tradition. Thus, it is no surprise that one of the most popular German politicians, Ludwig Erhard named Handelsgold his favourite brand. The Handelsgold brand offers a wide selection of different cigars and cigarillos. Uncompromising quality and outstanding value for money has made Handelsgold so successful for decades.

Vasco da Gama – a cigar for the great moments in life

Vasco da Gama is like a small adventure. Like a voyage of discovery. And not least, it is a homage to one of the greatest sailors in history. Only the most select tobaccos from the best cultivated areas of Sumatra, Brazil and Honduras are selected for this cigar. Furthermore, each individual Vasco da Gama cigar is wrapped in a cover made from cedar wood. As the first example of a port-matured cigar, the Vasco de Gama is a special highlight.


Phillies Cigars


Originated by Bayuk cigar in Philadelphia over a century ago, Phillies cigars are now manufactured by Altadis U.S.A., and are one of America's favorite brands.

Phillies offers an extensive selection of fine cigars for the value-conscious smoker and has the perfect size, shape and blend to satisfy any taste. Now available in the U.S. in many great flavors.


Phillies Black Max
Phillies Blunts
Phillies Cigarillos
Phillies Mini Blunts
Phillies Sweers

Philles Titan

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Albert Einstein, 1950