Golden Virginia

Golden Virginia is the world's best-selling roll your own tobacco brand and is currently available in more than 30 markets.

Originally developed as a pipe tobacco, Golden Virginia first appeared in the UK in 1877. The brand's main presence remains in the UK, where it has been the best-selling roll your own tobacco brand for nearly 50 years.

Golden Virginia has remained resilient in spite of the changing dynamics of the fine cut tobacco sector in the UK in recent years and the growing number of brands available to smokers of these types of products.

In line with the consumer trend for value, the brand portfolio was extended in 2009 with the introduction of Golden Virginia Yellow.

Outside the UK, Golden Virginia has built a significant presence in markets such as Spain, Belgium and Ireland.


Drum, the world's number two roll your own tobacco brand after Golden Virginia, is currently available in more than 40 markets.

Key markets for the traditional Drum Halfzware variant include the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Belgium.

Brand extensions in recent years include Drum Blonde, an American blend variant, and Drum Natural, a product containing no ingredients other than tobacco.



Domingo is a refined mixture of some twenty skillfully selected tobaccos. Available as a traditional “Dutch” blend but also with a wide range of excellent top flavors. This International orientated brand is distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.



Roll Your Own tobacco from Planta Tabak.

-          Excellent Cherry: American blend with aroma of black cherries.

-          Excellent Exotic Mango: American blend with aroma of ripe mango fruits. Exotic and fresh tobacco enjoyment with tropical charm.

-          Excellent Strawberry: Selected Halfzware blend with aroma of wild strawberries. Sweet and aromatic.

-          Excellent Pipe Apple: American blend with the fresh and fruity aroma of ripe pine apple.


Borkum Riff

The tobacco blend had been developed with an eye on the US pipe tobacco market. Borkum Riff, the Bourbon Whiskey blend, was successfully introduced in the US in 1969. Since then, new flavours and new packaging have been introduced. Today, Borkum Riff is also sold in India, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, France, Italy, Germany as well as in several other markets around the world. Borkum Riff's biggest market is the United States, where it was originally launched in 1969.

Borkum Riff Cherry Cavendish  เป็น Borkum Riff Red Cavendish


Borkun Riff Cherry Cavendish pipe tobacco is a blend of selected quality dark Kentucky and burley tobacco mixed with bright Virginia leaves.


The blend is heavily cased and treated through a fermentation process to achieve a mellow taste and full aroma.


Borkun Riff Red Cavendish is a soft extremely mild tobacco, easy to smoke and with a captivating aroma. Its very distinct cherry character comes from the Cavendish treatment and the aromatic substances in the flavor.

Borkum Riff Ultra Light เป็น Borkum Riff Original


The Original Smoke is an exceptionally mild and soft, slightly aromatic smoking tobacco.


The flavor applied to the tobacco – blended and processed to be Original – adds a hint of fruit and gives Borkum Riff a distinct in taste and aroma.

Borkum Riff Black Cavendish


A Premium quality aromatic mixture of dark Kentucky and Burley tobacco with at touch of choice, light Virginia leaves. The blend is heavily cased and fermented to give a mellow smoke with a rich, pleasurable aroma, enhanced with a hint of truffle nougats and nuts.

7 Seas Pipe Tobacco

7 Seas pipe tobaccos are a tribute to North America, which was the cradle of pipe smoking. It is produced to the demanding standards of the proud American tradition with the same meticulous care for the tobacco. 7 Seas has the same aromatic taste we are so familiar with in the well-known American tobaccos, which have inspired so many millions of pipe smokers the world over - silky smooth and delectable with an unforgettable aroma.

7 Seas Cherry

7 Seas Gold Blend

7 Seas Royal Blend

7 Seas Regular Blend


Dunhill Pipe Tobacco


Dunhill Early Morning  Dunhill Nightcap
Blend: This blend consists of a mixture  of slow burning Oriental tobaccos and Red Virginia leaves. The mixture  is then pressed and lightly heated. To further enchance the blend, a touch of medium-fired Latakia tobacco is added. Ideal for the "First pipe" arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day. Blend: A richer, more thoughtful mixture for the evening. A subtle blending of the best American leaf with Latakia and small leafedTurkish matured by our blenders and specially processed for a slow, lasting smoke. Perique tobacco is added to enhance the bouquet.
Taste: The tobacco has a mellow and delicate flavour Taste: Strong with a combination of the Latakia with a hint of Perique
Burning: Slow Strength: Medium strength with a full bouquet.
Best pipe bowl: Medium Sized Burning: Moderately easy burning.
  Best pipe bowl: Medium Sized.


Dunhill Mixture 965 Dunhill London Mixture
Blend: This distinctive mixture has found international popularity with connoisseurs of full-bodied tobacco. A selection of small Latakia leaves is used to impart the rich nutty flavour and aroma. Bright Oriental leaf from Macedonia is added for the roundness. To complete the blend, brown Cavendish tobacco, rich in natural oils and aroma, is added. A delightful fragrant smoke for the more experienced pipe smoker. Blend: A good example of the skilful blending of Latakia with Virginia and Turkish leaf being of medium cut and strength. It has a pleasant aroma and a flavour which never becomes uninteresting.
Taste: The unique combination provides an aromatic and rich smoke with a touch of Latakia. Taste: Aromatic
Strength: Medium strength with high taste impact Strength: Medium
Burning: Easy and cool burning Burning: Slow/Medium
Best pipe bowl: Medium Sized Best pipe Bowl: Medium


Dunhill Standard Mixture Dunhill Royal Yacht
Blend: A traditional English mixture, using the finest grades of Cyprus Latakia and Oriental tobacco from the Mediterranean are blended with fluecured grades from  East Carolina and Georgia and lightly toasted on our drying drum to enhance the flavour. This, popular pipe tobacco, provides an aromatic, rich smoke. Blend: Truly, a high quality tobacco. Highest quality bronzed Virginia leaves are carefully conditioned and are added to rich, heavy-unique flavour is added to the final blend to enhance the subtle and piquant aroma. This internationally famous mixture is ideal for smoking when in company.
Taste: Gentle spice taste with a full bodied Latakia aroma. Taste: Balanced tobacco taste enriched by its unique flavour
Strength: Medium to fuller strength with a good Latakia aroma Strength: Medium strength
Burning: Medium burn rate. Burning: Moderately easy burning.
Best pipe bowl: Medium Sized Best pipe bowl: Medium to Large Sized.


Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls Dunhill Standard Mixture Mellow
Blend: The tobacco composition that is prepared, to produce these circles of tobacco, is based on high quality, carefully selected, ripe African fluecured tobacco. The composition is rounded of by using some traditional cured Perique tobacco produced according to an old recipe in Louisiana USA. Blend: Dunhill's Standard Mixture Mellow is a fine pipe tobacco for pipe enthusiasts of all types. Flue-cured, ribbon tobaccos include Latakia , Orientals, and Virginias. lightly toasted and skillfully blended. A traditional English, with a mild body, mild taste, and extremely pleasant room note. The smoke is sweet and toasty, with soft tobacco flavors and toasty aroma with subtle smokiness.
Taste: Smooth and well balanced bouquet. Strength: Mild
Strength: Mellow to medium. Style: English Blend
Burning: Easy to slow burning.  
Best pipe Bowl: Medium Sized  

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"I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs."

Albert Einstein, 1950