Cigar Component

Structure of Cigar

A Cigar has 2 components: the filler, the binder and the wrapper.



- The biggest mass of a cigar is the filler. The filler normally consists of a blend of 2 to 4 different styles of leaves, depending on the diameter. Blends provide variation in tastes, aromas and characteristics for different brands.



- This binder encloses the filler and gives the cigar its proper shape and size. Leaves used for this purpose usually have the tensile strength to hold the cigar together.



- The quality of the wrapper is crucial in any cigar and generally, can account for anything up to 70% of the tobacco by value, while being only 10% by weight. A good wrapper should have flavor and steady-burning qualities.

Theo Rudman, Rudman's Complete Pocket Guide to Cigars

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Albert Einstein, 1950