tips for smoking and caring for your pipe




Fill your pipe loosely at the bottom and a little more tightly towards the top by twisting in the tobacco.
Make sure there is a slight resistance when drawing on the pipe. The insides of VAUEN pipes have been pretreated and therefore do not have to be specially broken in.

When lighting the pipe, ignite the entire surface of the tobacco with a match or a lighter whose flame is not too big (no turbolighter). Lightly press down the tobacco which has swollen up using a tamper. Smoke calmly and so slowly that the glowing tobacco just stays alight. This way,the tobacco tastes best and your pipe is grateful. Check occasionally with the back of your hand whether the pipe bowl has become too hot. While smoking, press the glowing tobacco embers together again every so often. A slight resistance to drawing is what you require! If the pipe goes out frequently towards the end, empty out the small amount of wet tobacco remaining in the ash try. Otherwise there is a danger that the pipe will become too hot by being lit continually, so that it may burn out, especially on the floor of the bowl and at the draught hole.

The tobacco crust should build up evenly from the top to the bottom. It retains the flavour of a good tobacco and at the same time protects the wood effectively.


"I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs."

Albert Einstein, 1950